Essay Q.4: Will mathematical knowledge ever be discarded?

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Posted by Michael Dunn
Asked on 8th December 2013 11:44 PM
Category: TOK essay
Posted by Michael DUNN
Answered On 8th December 2013 11:48 PM

This is a very good question, because, as you imply, mathematics is not a subject that moves on in the same way as other AOKs. One point you could make is the way in which our use of mathematics changes, and how new forms of mathematics are developed in order to help us explore new areas of the natural sciences – see the different forms of mathematics ’created’ by Einstein in order to support his ideas, and replace/augment those found within Newtonian physics. Mathematics is hard, though, to include within any essay; you’re certainly not choosing the easy option (though that’s no reason not to do it). If you are intent on focusing on this AOK (rather than, say, the natural sciences or human sciences), why not ask your mathematics teacher/department? They should be able to provide you with much more specialist help.

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