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Support for creating the TOK presentation

We are no longer providing online support for students, and are instead concentrating more on developing the content of the site, and expanding our range of teaching and learning resources. We therefore urge you to work with your teachers in order to create your presentation. You should expect to be provided with a 3-step support process, which is as much up to you as it is to your teacher, to lead to the production of an effective essay. The process should involve the following:

1. There should be an initial meeting between student and teacher, in which the teacher should advise on the suitability of the main real life situation and knowledge question chosen.
2. A second meeting is permitted, if needed, in which the teacher can help students to plan their presentation, and ensure that the main RLS has been clearly developed.
3. A final meeting may happen a few days before the presentation to go through the final structure of the presentation.

You should not expect your teacher to chase you up in order to complete this process of support. As with the other aspects of your Diploma (such as your EE and CAS), the key is being proactive.

Ask a question about the TOK presentation

If you have a simple question about the TOK presentation, either write to us using the form below, or post it on our Facebook forum. We will respond to the best questions we receive.
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