Choosing a real life situation and knowledge question

Choosing a real life situation and knowledge question


Beginning with a real life situation

There are two possible ways to kick off the process of creating your presentation. The first way is to begin with your real life situation knowledge issue. You may have come across a news story that you’ve found intriguing, or be aware of a particular issue that troubles or interests you. Perhaps you’ve read an article on how we begin to learn to speak before we’re even born. Perhaps you’ve seen something on how a certain religious leader has argued that his beliefs alone can provide us with all the answers to existence. From here, you’ll need to figure out a knowledge issue. For the first example, perhaps you could come up with ‘How innate is our ability to communicate?’ for the second, ‘Does religion provide us with certainty?
This could be worded as ‘Which way of knowing is the most important in arriving at an ethical position?’ Then you need to find a real life example (or examples), to help you illustrate and introduce your knowledge issue. Plough through the links on this website to help you, keep your eyes on the Facebook page, and draw on your own experiences, notes, and personal reading.

Beginning with a knowledge question

The second way is to begin with the knowledge question. You may have been wondering about a particular question connected to the ways of knowing or areas of knowledge. A popular example would be ethics: perhaps you are interested in which of the ways of knowing we use to work out the answers to moral questions.

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