Your TOK presentation should apply what you have learnt in TOK to the real world, and provide the means to explore, understand, and arrive at a position on a significant real life situation.


Basic instructions

You can give your TOK presentation on your own or in a group of up to five people, but experience shows that they are most effective when three people work together. In terms of time, your presentation should not last less than 10 minutes, or exceed 30, but the optimum time if you working as a three is around 15 to 20 minutes. There will then be a chance for your audience (ie the rest of the class) to ask you questions. This should not be seen as an extra form of torture: you can’t lose marks by answering these uncertainly. Instead, it is just a way for you to further clarify points that you may not have been able to get across perfectly during your talk.
As long as you have identified a proper knowledge issue, and have chosen an appropriate case study, there are few limitations on the format of your TOK presentation. Different ideas for how to get across your ideas are discussed in the next section, but try to bring as much originality and creativity into what you end up with.


It’s marked internally by your teacher, based on four different criteria. The first is how relevant your knowledge issue is to your case study. The second is how well you understood and dealt with the knowledge issue. The third is how involved you were with the topic you chose. Finally, did you consider the issues at stake from different perspectives, and make connections between them. Each one is out of 5, giving a total of 20 (compared to 40 for the essay).
Note that the new course (ie for Northern Hemisphere students beginning their Diploma in 2013, or Southern Hemisphere students beginning in 2014), the presentation will be marked out of 10 with simpler criteria for assessment.

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