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TOK seminars and workshops’s creator Michael Dunn offers a range of TOK seminars and workshops for IB students and teachers. These events are designed along bespoke lines to fit in with the requirements of your school, either to introduce or consolidate your skills and understanding of theory of knowledge.

Comments on our workshops, seminars, and consultations


Everybody was passionate about your system… Thanks for that and we are looking forward to working with you again!

Dorothee Prendergast, Head of Languages, and TOK, International School of Luxembourg

[The workshop has given] a broader, more complete/intuitive understanding of the course, will certainly improve critical thinking and subject connections.
Great ideas for new and innovative practices and approaches to teaching the course.
Good preparation with tools, tactics and new ideas. Very helpful.
Very practical, and offered concrete ideas on how to approach the course.
Terrific opportunity to collaborate and share ideas with the speaker and my colleagues.
[This will] Help students how to understand ToK better by improved teaching schedule and lesson structure.
The structure of the 8 questions programme makes so much more sense.

Feedback from the ISL teachers, following Michael’s visit to Luxembourg in January 2017

I can’t say how thankful we are for your visit. Chatting to the students yesterday showed that they really felt the day helped them to grasp the essential concepts of TOK in a way that had thus far evaded them. Feedback was all positive and many have gone on to plan their final presentations on the back of ideas that came to them during the day.

Kieran Hennigan, Head of TOK at St Julian’s School, Lisbon

As an IBDP coordinator who has attended your workshop at Nesibe Ayd?n Schools in Ankara, I would like to thank you for the great ideas you have shared with us.

Müge Özgönül, IBDP & CAS Coordinator, Eyübo?lu High School

Thank you so much for delivering your ToK session. Staff were really energised by it!

Tricia Kelleher, Head of School, Stephen Perse Foundation
Michael with the TOK team at ISL

TOK Workshops

For educators, he has helped to introduce TOK to teachers new to the course, focus on the essay and presentation and reflect on the way the new assessment criteria have changed TOK, consider ways to put TOK at the centre of the IB Diploma curriculum, and discuss resources for TOK – and why textbooks should never be used in the teaching of TOK. For learners, he has considered why they should bother with TOK, what role knowledge questions play in TOK, how to put together a great essay or presentation, and how to use TOK when you’re applying to university.
Because Michael is still based very much in the classroom, and leads a current TOK department, his workshops are clear, practical, and jargon-free. They are developed on a bespoke basis, according to the needs of individual schools, and can last from 2 hours to a whole day. Michael’s recent trip to ISL (Luxembourg) illustrates how this can work. His teacher workshop lasted a whole day (for 12 TOK teachers), and his student seminar lasted 2 hours (for 100 students).

Exemplar teacher workshop: The 8 Big Questions

Michael’s revolutionary new approach to structuring and delivering the TOK course is built around 8 big questions, rather than the WOKs and AOKs. This means that students will develop a more instinctive understanding of KQs and be able to tackle the assessment tasks more easily, it allows a more effective integration of TOK within the IB Diploma, it interlinks WOKs and AOKs much more fully, and it presents a more ‘natural’ approach to TOK. We combine this with constantly updated, engaging RLS-driven lessons (from the newsletter), so you’ll never, ever be tempted to open a TOK textbook again!

Exemplar student workshop: What’s the point of TOK?

Michael invited students to consider his assertion that TOK is the most important and interesting element of the IB Diploma, and led them on an exploration of the key skills involved in TOK. He then linked this to the TOK essay and presentation, going over what they need to include in order to design effective assessment tasks.
Delivering a TOK seminar to students

Some of the seminars and workshops we have delivered

February 2018, INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF LUXEMBOURG. A follow-up workshop, consolidating the 8BQ approach with ISL’s TOK team (whole day), followed by a morning session with their students on the TOK presentation.
January 2018, INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF PARIS. A whole-day workshop, involving two sessions for non-TOK teachers on how to incorporate TOK in their lessons, one session for TOK teachers on the 8 Big Questions, and a final session for students on the nature of TOK, and why we do it.
January 2017, INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF LUXEMBOURG. A whole-day workshop for the 12 person TOK team at ISL on how to restructure their course based on the 8 ‘Big Questions’, and the type of TOK lessons this produces + a 2-hour seminar for their Year 11 cohort (approx. 100 students) on the purpose and importance of TOK, and linking TOK skills to the presentation.
January 2016, YAMANASHI GAKUIN HIGH SCHOOL, K?FU. A series of online consultations aiding the design and delivery of a pre-TOK critical thinking course for Y11 students.
January 2016, STEPHEN PERSE FOUNDATION, CAMBRIDGE. In association with Cambridge University Press, teacher workshop (for IB and non-IB schools in the region) on placing critical thinking at the heart of the learning experience.
December 2015, ST EDMUND’S COLLEGE, HERTFORDSHIRE. Teacher workshop on ‘We’re All TOK Teachers’ + student workshop on ‘Think Different’.
November 2015, EYÜBOGLU EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS, ISTANBU.L In Association with Cambridge University Press, Key note speech at the 14th Annual International Students’ ToK Youth and Culture Conference.
November 2015, ROYAL SOCIETY OF ARTS ACADEMY, BIRMINGHAM. Teacher workshop on ‘Putting TOK at the Heart of the IB Diploma’ + student seminar on ‘Mastering the TOK Essay’ and ‘It’s Good to Be Confused’.
August 2015, NESIBE AYDIN COLLEGE, ANKARA. An association with Cambridge University Press, teacher workshop on ‘Putting TOK at the Heart of the IB Diploma’ for multiple international schools in Turkey.
June 2015, ST JULIAN’S SCHOOL, LISBON. A whole day TOK student seminar for five of the international schools in Lisbon.

About Michael

Michael Dunn went to school in Cambridge, and university at Edinburgh, where he majored in history, and was awarded an MA with honours. He did his PGCE at Exeter University, spending his first couple of years as a teacher in London. Then he moved abroad, and worked in top international schools in Latin America for the next decade. He is based for most of the year in Lima, Peru, where he is head of TOK at Newton College, although he spends January and February in Europe. now provides an unrivalled range of resources and support services for educators and learners involved in TOK, which have been purchased by clients in over 900 towns and cities in more than 100 countries around the world, making Michael one of the highest profile TOK educators in the world. You can find out more about him here, as well as downloading his current CV and development plans for a world-class TOK department. His United Kingdom ACPO police clearance certificate will be provided on request.

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