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Our TOK Presentation Guide helps you select a great real life situation, identify and explore relevant knowledge questions, consider different perspectives, and demonstrate the significance of the topic. The 2017 guide includes an exemplar presentation, and 7-step summary of how to complete the process successfully.


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The TOK Presentation Guide 2017 $38.99 Now out!

The 26-page TOK Presentation Guide is designed for anyone who is looking for detailed support on how to design a TOK presentation, and is particularly useful for teachers who are overseeing this part of the course. It has up-to-date information on the new assessment criteria, and how much help you should be providing students. The guide contains the exemplar TOK presentation and 7-step summary (see below).

Exemplar TOK presentation & 7-step summary $8.99 Now out!

The model TOK presentation is provided in PowerPoint and Google Slides versions, and comes with a 7-step summary of how the presentation design process works. This resource is designed for students who do not want all the detail of the full guide, or for teachers who have already purchased previous editions of the guide.

What comes in the guide – detailed description

The guide contains eight different sections, each one addressing various key questions about the TOK presentation. Its content is based on previous editions, but has been updated for 2017.

1. The basics

  • Basic instructions
  • The TOK/EE grade matrix
  • Getting to grips with the assessment criteria
  • How much support should you give your students?

    2. Choosing the right key real-life situation

  • What characteristics should the real-life situation have?
  • How should students choose a real-life situation?
  • A student has chosen a real life situation that they no longer like. Should they stick with it?
  • How many real life situations should be used in the presentation?

    3. Identifying and developing a relevant knowledge question

  • What are knowledge questions – and how do they differ from the presentation title?
  • How many knowledge questions should be included in the presentation?
  • Should students focus on first or second order knowledge questions?

    4. Justifying ideas

  • Drawing on Plato’s quote
  • Personal knowledge and shared (outside) knowledge
  • Evidence to avoid I: Hypothetical examples
  • Evidence to avoid II: Anecdotal examples
  • Evidence to avoid III: Clichéd examples

    5. Fitting KQs into the presentation

  • Presentation structure
  • The main RLS and KQ
  • The secondary RLSs and KIs

    6. Perspectives and significance

  • How should the topic be viewed from different perspectives?
  • How should students ensure that their real life situation is significant?
  • Conclusion and questions

    7. Delivering the presentation

  • What format can presentations take?
  • How can you help students with their public speaking?

    8. Exemplar presentation & 7-step summary (also available separately)

  • A few notes on our model presentation (included separately as a PowerPoint + link to a Google Slides version)
  • A step-by-step summary of how to create a TOK presentation (also included separately as a PDF)


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