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TED Companion

The TED Companion Packs, produced with the blessing of the TED organisation (who wrote to us to “applaud our vision”), presents TOK-related questions on a huge range of different TED talks, enabling students to learn about key thinkers and ideas, and place knowledge questions and real life situations in a real academic and social context. Download a sample of the pack here.
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Purchasing the Packs

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The TED Companion 1 $39.99

The TED Companion Pack presents 60 of the best talks up to 2013, using them to deepen students’ understanding of all the different components of TOK, as well as hook them up with the people who are responsible for shaping the way we view the world.


The TED Companion 2 $34.99

The second TED Companion follows the same format as the first, focusing on talks up to 2015 by a further 40 speakers, bringing the resource right up-to-date. They include talks by Jared Diamond, Hans Rosling, and Steven Pinker.


The TED Companion Complete $64.99

The complete pack include all 100 TED talks of the two packs in one edition. This is the ultimate resource for any teacher who wants to draw on TED in order to help their students understand concepts that are central to theory of knowledge, and place them in an academic and social context.


Using the TED talks to help you integrate the Diploma Programme

The TED talks provide us with the opportunity to listen to some of the world’s best thinkers and talkers, on a huge array of subjects and ideas. Scientists rub shoulders with artists, atheists with those of religious faith, mathematicians with storytellers, psychologists with leaders of indigenous tribes.
Although the pack is aimed primarily at TOK teachers, it is also fully intended for use by other DP teachers, who wish to explore the nature of knowledge in their own subject, and help students to tackle knowledge questions from a different angle. It is therefore a fantastic resource for schools looking to deliver the Diploma in a more integrated way, the need for which the IB is increasingly emphasising.

What comes in the pack?

The packs comprise a PDF teacher’s guide, a set of student handouts, and an overview of all the talks of the pack (download a sample of the pack here). Each talk includes the following elements:

  1. An introductory bio of the speaker
  2. An consideration of why the talk is useful for Diploma students
  3. The ways of knowing and areas of knowledge linked to the talk
  4. Questions about the talk (with timings indicated), and suggested answers
  5. Further related questions for post-talk discussions and activities
  6. Essential Talks identified, containing particularly engaging topics or points


Using the packs

The packs are very versatile, and can be used in and out of the classroom. Applications include:

  1. As a way to introduce a way of knowing or area of knowledge (eg, Wade Davis on IKS)
  2. As a way to introduce an issue within a WOK or AOK (eg, Naomi Oreskes on why we should put our trust in natural scientists)
  3. As a prompt for discussion and debate, perhaps with students watching the relevant talk as preparation for a lesson (eg, Sam Harris on whether we can use the scientific method to arrive at ethical knowledge)
  4. As way of challenging assumptions that students might have about knowledge acquisition and usage (eg Julian Baggini on whether ‘you’ exist)
  5. As an entertaining opening, or end, to a class (eg, JR on the power of art)


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