Great Minds on TOK

Great Minds on TOK is a new resource for that presents 40 of the most influential philosophers, scientists, and key thinkers from history in a TOK-related way. It will be released in October 2016.

Students are often engaged by philosophers, and keen to incorporate their ideas in essays and presentations, but all too often this takes a rather predictable and unoriginal format, and focuses on first-order rather than second-order knowledge questions.
So, instead of a précis of deontology according to Kant, or a description of utilitarianism as laid down by Mill, we invite students to consider how Spinoza linked mathematics to religion, why Wittgenstein regarded philosophical problems as being related to language, and how William of Ockham established one of the most important rules for reasoning way back in the early 14th century.
The resource provides a short background on the different thinkers, a consideration how their key ideas are relevant to TOK, and suggestions on how to explore their lives and legacies in more depth. It is also a fantastic way to provide your students with an introduction to one of the bedrocks of a liberal arts education – the history of philosophy.

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