Full Access TOK membership

Full access TOK membership: $199.99 per annum

For the first time, we are providing users with access to everything we produce, for a very reasonable annual price. Full Access TOK membership includes:

  • The TOK newsletter (e-mailed to you monthly)
  • Access to TOK newsletter archive (going back to November 2014)
  • Access to the 8BQ programme of study (updated weekly)
  • The essay and presentation guides (updated periodically)
  • Links to 100 Big Question-matched TED talks, with accompanying questions (updated periodically)
  • TOK filmography
  • The TOK sessions pack (no plans for further updates)
  • Email support
  • Spanish translations of the BQ lessons (completed by mid-2018)

The newsletter will be sent to you every month, and you’ll have access to the newsletter archive page going back to November 2014. Each newsletter contains links to articles and videos exploring 20 real life situations, suggests some first and second order knowledge questions, and offers discussion points and questions for students to consider.
Each of the 8 Big Question units consists of a series of fully resourced TOK lessons, delivered on Google Slides and Docs, and designed to last around 4 weeks. Two additional units provide an introduction to the TOK course, and an overview of the assessment tasks. Our lessons are based on a suggested pathway of ways of knowing and areas of knowledge to explore each Big Question. Also included is a course management folder, to help you to deliver the units effectively.
You can choose to follow our suggested pathway, or design your own one, utilizing the links we provide to more than 400 real life situations that are related to alternative WOKs and AOKs. This means the Big Question framework can be either a ready-to-run classroom resource, or the scaffolding for you to construct your own unique TOK course.
One of the most important features of Full Access Membership is the support offered by theoryofknowledge.net’s creator, Michael Dunn. As the designer of the teaching and learning resources, he can field any question you might have about lesson plans, links, and the materials used to deliver the course. Just email him any question you might have, and he’ll get back to you quickly with a response. The BQ lessons will also be translated into Spanish by the end of 2017.

Sample content

Check out a previous edition of the TOK newsletter here, and look at some of our Big Question lessons on this page. If you’d like more information on how we design them, best practice in terms of delivering them, or anything else, please get in touch with us here. Note that one of the key aspects of this approach to TOK is its updatability – we’ll be adding new lessons and resources to the Big Question framework every week, and you’ll receive a fresh TOK newsletter every month, making the course much more responsive and relevant to what’s going on in the world.

8BQ content updates

We’ll be constantly updating and editing the content of the 8BQ framework, linking lesson plans to new stories, adding materials, and offering a wider range of alternative pathways for you to construct your own explorations of the Big Questions. The contents updates page provides an update on the current state of each unit of the resource, and the plans we have for additional lessons and support material.


To purchase a Full Access Membership, giving you access to everything we produce for 12 months, select your prefered payment gateway below, and click on the ‘Purchase now’ button. Note that all our memberships include a ‘freeze’ option, whereby you can halt your membership during school holidays. If you would like to pay by a different method, such as bank transfer or cheque, or you’d like to ask any questions about membership options or other issues, get in touch with us here.