Real life situations and knowledge questions: different perspectives

Real life situations and knowledge questions: different perspectives

These real life situations will help you to practise approaching knowledge questions via different perspectives, and weigh up the implications of what you discover.

1. International minds

AoKs/WoKs: Human sciences
KQs: How international are you? How important is it to have an awareness of other people and places? Should we rank our own nations as ‘more important’ than others?
Category & link: Quiz
Description: Questions on various aspects of the geographical and political world.
Source: The Guardian

2. Old school computers

AoKs/WoKs: Technology, reason
KQs: How does your iPad compare to the ‘Pilot Ace’ in terms of functionality, speed, and portability?
Category & link: Article and video interviews
Description: It’s always worth tracing our modern day technology back to its origins. This shows the early days of the computer, as conceived by one of history’s greatest geniuses – Alan Turing.
Source: The Guardian

3. What’s going on in people’s heads?

AoKs/WoKs: The nature of knowledge
KQs: The nature of knowledge: what are you thinking right now?
Category & link: Article
Description: A brilliant series of articles featuring the thoughts of different people from different walks of life, dealing with questions such as what concerns you? What inspires you? What are your values?
Source: The Guardian

4. Built in Google translator

AoKs/WoKs: Language, human sciences
KQs: How important to communication is language? How do our perspectives change if we are able to communicate in more than one language?
Category & link: Video
Description: Timothy Doner is 16, and has taught himself to speak 23 languages. This short video highlights his talents.
Source: ITN News/YouTube

5. Judging the past

AoKs/WoKs: Ethics, history
KQs: To what extent should we pass moral judgement on actions made in the past? Is it possible to construct moral principles that transcend time, culture, and context?
Category & link: Article
Description: The article looks at actions from the past that today would be regarded as deeply immoral, and wonders if it is possible to use today’s standards to pass such judgements.
Source: BBC

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