Critical thinking


Albert Einstein believed that the value of education lay “not the learning of many facts but the training of the mind to think.” He said this nearly 100 years ago, but given the plethora of useless or misleading information we are exposed to everyday, the necessity of ‘training the mind’ has never been more apparent.

Many schools see critical thinking as the key way of providing this training, but other than TOK, there are few effective courses for students aged 16-18, and even fewer for students further down the school. Resources are also thin on the ground, particularly ones that draw on up-to-date and engaging sources.
Over the next few months we will therefore be releasing material designed for schools seeking to increase their provision for critical thinking. This is intended specifically for:

1. Non-IB schools looking for an alternative critical thinking course to TOK
2. IB schools that want to prepare their pre-Diploma students for TOK
3. Schools that wish to bring more critical thinking into ordinary classes


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