Mathematics is sometimes seen as being at the opposite end of the spectrum from art in the sense that it offers us something that is built on absolute objectivity, which only works if every element of its structure is in alignment with each other. However, because mathematics is an essential tool in so many fields, and spills over into such ‘artistic’ realms as design and architecture, as well as engineering, medicine, and the social sciences, it would be quite incorrect to say that it and the arts are mutually exclusive. The OED says…




plural noun usu. treated as sing. the branch of science concerned with number, quantity, and space, either as abstract ideas (pure mathematics) or as applied to physics, engineering, and other subjects (applied mathematics).
— DERIVATIVES mathematical adjective mathematically adverb mathematician noun.
— ORIGIN from Greek mathema ‘science’, from manthanein ‘learn’.

Actually, there are one or two grey areas: some argue that maths is not a science, as by Karl Popper’s definition, it cannot be falsified (see natural science), but more on that later. Questions we’re interested in include: why is mathematics sometimes called the language of the universe? How can the axioms of mathematics assist us with the way we present our logical arguments? And, whether maths is a human creation, or if it was ‘discovered’.

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