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What we do

If TOK is done well in your school, it should involve a combination of up-to-the-second ideas and long-established theories. Any TOK teacher worth his or her salt will have you thinking about the latest news headlines, the newest hypotheses on how the brain works, the trendiest craze to hit society, and whichever film or book is currently in the best-seller lists. This means that textbooks for TOK, whilst often very well written, are always undermined by the fact that they’re out of date as soon as they roll off the press., and its accompanying free and newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages, provides a more complete resource for TOK students, offering regularly updated notes on all aspects of the course, and an open forum for anyone involved in the course, with daily links to articles, stories, interviews, and film clips related to the study of knowledge and how we acquire it. There is also information on how the course is structured and assessed, with tips on how to write a good essay and give a successful presentation.
Our range of resources for learners include the massively popular and TOK Presentation Guide, and our new Presentation Kickstarters. For TOK educators, there are the legendary TOK Sessions Packs and TED Companion Pack. All can be purchased instantly from our PayPal-verified online shop.
There’s only one way to really understand what the site is, though, and that is (in the best traditions of the empiricist philosophers) trying it out for yourself.

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