Sell your own DP teaching resources

Sell your own DP teaching resources

If your IB Diploma lesson plans could be turned into a proper teaching resource, and you’d like to earn money by selling it to educators and students around the world, we’d like to hear from you. By featuring it on the website you’ll be able to showcase it to nearly 400,000 people very year, take advantage of innovative channels such as our Facebook shop, and draw on effective marketing methods such as advertising in the TOK newsletter, which is sent out to over 3000 subscribers each month.
We’ll take a percentage to cover the marketing costs, but by selling educational resources in partnership with us, the lion’s share of the profits will go to you, giving you the opportunity to earn an significant extra income as a teacher. You can sell as many resources as you want, for any subject, provided they are well designed and produced to a high quality.
Get in touch with us using the form below, stating the subject your resource is designed for, its readiness for production, and a rough idea of price. Have a look at the rest of the products in the resources shop for the kind of thing we’re after, but don’t feel constrained if you have something different in mind.
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