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We are committed to supporting anyone involved with the IB Diploma, be they educators or students, wherever they are based in the world. For that reason, we’re proud to be affiliated to several organizations and individuals who promote learning for students, and career development for teachers.


Promoting critical thinking

Our aim is to be more than just another educational website. This “golden age of communication”, as the great band New Model Army once said, means “everyone just talks at the same time”: developing one’s powers of critical thinking, in the face of the daily information overload has never been more important. For that reason, we support or work alongside various organizations that help to promote thinking for oneself, in order to ensure that we never lose sight of what’s true, and what’s not.

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Our site is the biggest in the world for TOK, attracting tens of thousands of aspiring high school students and gifted educators every month from all over the planet. Our newsletter is sent out to schools in over 100 different countries, and is read by thousands of educators, students, and managers. If you’d like to connect with our audience, and you share our vision, let us know by filling in the form below.
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