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I have been teaching TOK for 17 years, and I wanted to let you know that I think the BQ resources I’ve been using so far this year are awesome! By exploring TOK concepts through well-chosen, unique and high-interest real-life situations, my students are engaged in ways they haven’t been before.

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Helping you to explore real life situations

The new TOK curriculum puts even more emphasis on the use of real life situations, and relating them to clear knowledge questions, so understanding these two aspects of the course is vital to your success. Watch our introductory video, made in association with Cambridge University Press, to help you gain an understanding of the process.
We search through a lot of media sites from around the world for the most TOK-worthy news events and issues that can be used in the TOK classroom. You’ll find some of them below, but for a more extensive selection, consult the relevant section for each WOK and AOK. You can also subscribe to our free or newsletter, and check out our posts on Facebook and Twitter.

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School workshops that make an impact’s creator Michael Dunn offers a range of TOK seminars and workshops for teachers and students. If you want to revolutionise your approach to TOK, find out why you should never teach from textbooks, make TOK engaging, relevant and a good foundation for the assessment tasks (yes, it can be done!), then Michael will help you to achieve this.
Find out more about the themes we deal with, and the schools throughout Europe and the UK we have visited, on our seminar and workshop page.


Key areas of theory of knowledge

TOK is divided up into ways of knowing and areas of knowledge. Within each of these 16 sections, you’re expected to identify and explore knowledge questions. Finally, at the end of your two years, you’ll write an essay, and deliver a presentation on what you’ve learnt. We’ll be with you every step of the way.


The eight ways of knowing are how we acquire knowledge about the world and ourselves


The eight areas of knowledge are the categories into which we place the information we acquire


Essential to your success in TOK is how well you can identify and develop knowledge questions


Our section on the TOK essay provides essential tips and strategies for success


The TOK presentation is all about applying TOK concepts to the real world


We provide an extensive TOK glossary for you to use on your two year journey through knowledge


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YKB Education

YKB Education is a new concept in teacher recruitment for international schools. We believe that helping teachers find their ideal role, and supporting schools to improve the experience they offer children, should not be a profit-driven process. So schools can advertise vacancies for free on our site, and teachers can sign up and apply for free to these openings. Find out more on our site.


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Find out about Michael’s TOK credentials, and his ideas on creating a perfect TOK department


TOK is a very special course. We explain why we think it needs a different kind of approach

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Why TOK is the best preparation for today’s information-overloaded world


How to use TOK to get into university

University and college application requirements are now more demanding than ever. But as a TOK student, the skills and knowledge that you have built up during the course are a huge asset in selling yourself.
We provide a few thoughts on how you can make the most your TOK training as you apply to universities, including ways to impress college admissions officers with your critical thinking, familiarity with autonomous learning, and awareness that your perspective is just one of many out there in the world.



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Guest posts and ideas exchange


Why is TOK so special?

The Day is a brilliant website that is used by hundreds of schools throughout the world to bring current affairs into the classroom. They asked us to write them a guest post on how TOK equips students with such vital skills in today’s world of information overload. Read our thoughts here.

The new TOK curriculum

Alongside Richard van de Lagemaat and other noted TOK writers and specialists, we provided Larry Ferlazzo with some of our thoughts on the new TOK curriculum. Do you agree the changes are positive ones?

On reality and sugar cubes

The paradigm-busting science guru Andy Fletcher has written an exclusive guest page for us, on the way in which your perception of reality is far from matching up to the actual reality. Find out how illusions form the basis of how we view the universe, and the way to fit every human being on earth into a sugar cube.