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  • Our hugely popular TOK ESSAY GUIDE provides step-by-step advice on the essay, and a consideration of the six May 2015 prescribed titles. $9.99. Teacher version also available.
  • The PREMIUM TOK NEWSLETTER is our 'supercharged version' of the free newsletter, and is the most up-to-date and engaging resource currently available for TOK.
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  • The legendary TOK SESSIONS PACK has been updated for the new curriculum, and has 85 perfectly pitched lesson plans, student handouts, PowerPoints, and follow-up activities.
  • For both the essay and presentation, our personalized ONLINE SUPPORT offers help with choosing the right title, dealing with KQs, and linking the different elements of TOK.
  • The TED COMPANION PACK presents questions on 60 different TED talks, involving students in the most important contemporary knowledge questions. $39.99.
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    Our PRESENTATION KICKSTARTERS will help you to get your presentation started. Each one includes a real life situation, related KQs, and tips on structuring a presentation.
  • Our FREE TOK NEWSLETTER provides a selection of real life situations and related knowledge questions, and enables students to build up a library of engaging RLSs.
  • Our ONLINE SUPPORT FOR TOK EDUCATORS offers instant peace of mind to anyone teaching the course for the first time.

  • About our TOK essay support service: As you know IB diploma's results were announced yesterday and I'm just here to inform that I got an A for TOK! Want to thank you for the help in structuring my essay, and giving me all the beneficial inputs I needed to get the A. Exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much!

    IB student, Malaysia
  • About our TOK essay & presentation support service: I would like to thank you for your valuable tips and comments during my process of ToK-essay writing and ToK-presentation planning. I could not have received 18/20 and a preliminary B on my essay without your help! Your comments are critical, helpful, concrete and easy to understand.

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  • About our TOK essay support service: Many thanks for helping our daughter reach her potential on the TOK essay. Your timely and constructive comments helped her think through what she needed to do, and how she needed to do it. Sometimes students just need the right guidance to get to where they want to go. Your assistance provided that guidance.

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  • About our TOK essay support service: Thank you so much for the good and thorough feedback you have given me! I find it difficult to fully understand what to add in a ToK essay. However, I feel that the feedback you have given me has helped a lot.

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  • About the site: I would like to give you thanks for providing such a brilliant TOK resource - your website has been very useful to me and to my students.

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  • About our TOK Essay Guide: Thank you for responding really quickly. The guide is really helpful in unpacking the KIs and looking at what is required for a TOK essay.

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  • About the site: On behalf of my students and colleagues, congratulations on your ToK website... it's been superb having access to what is an outstanding online resource.

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  • About the site and the TOK Sessions Pack: Your website has always been an invaluable resource for my TOK classes, and now your TOK Sessions Pack - which is comprehensive, varied, and authoritative - has further enriched TOK sessions. Thanks a lot.

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  • About the TOK Sessions Pack: Key concepts are perceptively and succinctly articulated, yet explorative, illuminating and insightful. Stimulating and accessible.

    450px-Flag_of_The_Hague.svg Graham Robertson
    TOK teacher, The International School of the Hague

Key areas of theory of knowledge

TOK is divided up into ways of knowing and areas of knowledge. Within each of these 16 sections, you’re expected to identify and explore knowledge questions. Finally, at the end of your two years, you’ll write an essay, and deliver a presentation on what you’ve learnt. We’ll be with you every step of the way.


The eight ways of knowing are how we acquire knowledge about the world and ourselves


The eight areas of knowledge are the categories into which we place the information we acquire


Essential to your success in TOK is how well you can identify and develop knowledge questions


Our section on the TOK essay provides essential tips and strategies for success


The TOK presentation is all about applying TOK concepts to the real world


We provide an extensive TOK glossary for you to use on your two year journey through knowledge

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CUP news

Our friends at Cambridge University Press have one of the largest ranges of resources for the IB Diploma in the world. To find out more about how they can help you, visit their page on our website.


Helping you to explore real life situations

It’s vital to draw on up-to-date and engaging real life situations in your TOK essay and TOK presentation to properly explore knowledge questions. For a more extensive selection of RLSs and KQs, go to our new real life situation page, or view the RLS page for each WOK and AOK. Build your own personal library of RLSs by subscribing to our free monthly newsletter.

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  • Build up your own library of engaging real life examples
  • Helps you to identify and explore knowledge questions
  • Keep up-to-date with defining news events and issues

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Cambridge University Press

CUP is the oldest publishing house in the world. Check out their website for a wide range of free IB Diploma resources for both teachers and students, and find out more about their poetry competition, which gives you the chance to win an iPad Mini.



The Day

The Day is a brilliant website for schools that believe that current affairs should be an integral element of education. We’re working with them on a variety of projects, and have just written a guest blog explaining how TOK provides key skills for students in this world of information overload.



Teacher Horizons

Teacherhorizons is a free website where teachers can explore opportunities overseas and connect with schools around the world. If you would like to develop your skills and experience overseas and join a rapidly growing community of 25,000 teachers, check out their site, or watch their video.


How to use TOK to get into university

University and college application requirements are now more demanding than ever. But as a TOK student, the skills and knowledge that you have built up during the course are a huge asset in selling yourself.
We provide a few thoughts on how you can make the most your TOK training as you apply to universities, including ways to impress college admissions officers with your critical thinking, familiarity with autonomous learning, and awareness that your perspective is just one of many out there in the world.



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We believe that the best teaching and learning resources are the ones designed by teachers and learners. So If your IB Diploma lesson plans could be turned into a proper teaching resource, we’d like to help you market them to an annual audience of up to 400,000 international educators and students.
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Guest posts and idea exchange


Why is TOK so special?

The Day is a brilliant website that is used by hundreds of schools throughout the world to bring current affairs into the classroom. They asked us to write them a guest post on how TOK equips students with such vital skills in today’s world of information overload. Read our thoughts here.

The new TOK curriculum

Alongside Richard van de Lagemaat and other noted TOK writers and specialists, we provided Larry Ferlazzo with some of our thoughts on the new TOK curriculum. Do you agree the changes are positive ones?

On reality and sugar cubes

The paradigm-busting science guru Andy Fletcher has written an exclusive guest page for us, on the way in which your perception of reality is far from matching up to the actual reality. Find out how illusions form the basis of how we view the universe, and the way to fit every human being on earth into a sugar cube.

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